Recharge With Any Amount

How To Recharge

Loop Mobile offers you easy and convenient options to recharge your prepaid card.

Buy a recharge voucher

Get a prepaid recharge vouchers of any denomination (refer to the above mentioned table) at any of the 4000 outlets in Mumbai, or any Loop Mobile Stores. You can now recharge,

Through IVR

  • Get your recharge PIN by scratching the foil of the recharge voucher.
  • Dial 50500 (toll-free) and follow the simple voice instructions.

On screen recharging

  • Get your recharge PIN by scratching the foil of the recharge voucher.
  • Type *123 * 14 digit PIN # and then press OK


This option is available through retailers, where the subscriber pays the retailer the money for the amount of recharge he wants and in return the retailer does recharge for the subscriber.

Another method for subscriber to recharge in case he does not has access to retailer, recharge voucher or is at place where any other method is not easily available. A case where the subscriber can do so by calling back home where the person back home can buy the recharge coupon do the recharge for subscriber through IVR, as they simply need to call 9821099500 from any landline and the ivr guides through recharge.

Auto Debit

Recharging your prepaid card couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is send a SMS, and your card gets recharged instantly. You can also walk into any partner Bank ATM and instantly recharge your prepaid card.

Even when you're roaming, caught in an emergency or the time it may be! Save the effort of going to a retailer and purchasing a recharge coupon, or calling up and entering the 16-digit code mentioned on the recharge coupon.

Who can avail this service?

Prepaid subscribers having an account with the below mentioned banks can avail of this facility directly through an ATM or Net-banking. To recharge through SMS, you first need to register with these banks through an ATM or Net-banking.

Note: Net-banking registration is offered only by Citibank, ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank.

Recharge for any amount

Auto debit recharging gives you the flexibility to recharge with any amount between Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000. To know more, click here

Note: After account validity is over, from the 1st day till the 15th day, balance talktime amount will remain in the account. Post the 15 days completion if no validity recharge is done, then the balance will be removed from the account

Through ATM

Just follow the steps below to recharge.

  • Insert your ATM card and press the option 'Other' or 'Other transactions' on the ATM screen
  • Select options like 'Instant Mobile Refill' or 'Mobile Recharge'
  • Key in the recharge amount you want and press 'Enter'

The talktime and validity corresponding to the recharge amount will be credited to your prepaid card and the recharge amount will be automatically debited from your bank account. You will get a printed slip of the transaction and balance amount in your account.

Through Net-banking

Citibank, ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank account holders can use this option.